5km from home

One of the things I’ve enjoyed recently is going out walking and exploring places with my 5km radius. I thought I knew this area fairly well but I’ve realised I don’t know it at all. You see far more when you walk rather than when you drive. I’ve discovered two new lakes (well new to […]

Sunday Thoughts

It’s Sunday again, the days seem to be flying, even though we are in this strange new world. I’ve started to get very used to it though. It’s funny because normally I’d get cabin fever and want to be off somewhere but now I’m enjoying the peace, actually really enjoying it, It’s been a bit […]

Sunday Thoughts

It’s been ages since I wrote a blog post. Sorry about that, I haven’t really had the inclination to write anything. If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook you’ll have seen a few short videos and some photos taken on my walks, so I suppose they took over from the writing for a while. […]

Monday Musings

It’s Easter Monday and a bank holiday here in Ireland but it doesn’t feel any different to any other day in this new Corona era. The days melt seamlessly into each other, the nights are full of vivid dreams or sleeplessness. I’m doing surprisingly well. For someone who would usually have cabin fever after a […]

Easter biscuit cake

Another really, really easy recipe and one the kids can do too. Disclaimer – there really aren’t many biscuits in this one but here’s the recipe anyway:   200 g whole nut milk chocolate 100 g milk chocolate 10 mini mars bars from the celebrations tub at Christmas 1 wafer biscuit bar 3 rich tea […]

Vegetarian Moussaka

Another very easy recipe and a great way to get your five a day. You can really use any vegetables that you happen to have in the house, I’ve used Lidl frozen stir fry before and it works just as well but for this one I used: One aubergine 50g chopped white onion 50g sliced […]