Sunday random roundup

I haven’t done a catch up blog post for a while so I thought I’d write one. I’m 12 days into Dry January and all is going well, I have to say I’m not missing alcohol at all so that’s a good sign. I’m also still eating healthily and haven’t had any cake, considering I […]

Havin’ a Laugh – The Book

I’m very excited about Havin’ A Laugh, the book and I’d love you to get involved. I got to know the charity, Havin’ a Laugh, when I was in the depths of depression. They were such a support when I was going through mental health counselling and didn’t know where else to turn. One of […]

Breathing and Blooming

I met Bernie from Breathe and Bloom at our Leitrim coffee morning and she kindly invited me along for a treatment. I’d heard her speak on Claire Ronan’s show on Ocean FM and I thought she sounded lovely so I was delighted to actually meet her. Bernie provides all kinds of wonderful treatments including Reiki […]


After a long time of feeling like I’m winning I feel a bit like retreating. I pushed myself a bit and now I feel a bit daft. It’s strange because I’ve noticed that some people only kept in touch when I was at my lowest. It’s OK though, I have my family and my camera […]

Salad Edergole Kitchen

New year, new me….again

Ah January, a month of dark days, long nights and general misery. I have decided to add to that misery by doing Dry January. This means no alcohol for the month, I don’t drink much – or I didn’t used to but I am quite partial to vodka so it’s going for the month and […]

Reflections of the last decade

The last day of 2019 and as we approach a new decade it’s time for me to look back. On this day ten years ago both Andy and Jono were laid up with back issues. Jono was recovering from spinal fusion surgery, Andy was suffering from a very bad back and on his way to […]