A Spa by the Seaside

I have to tell you about the most amazing spa experience in Sligo, and one that you need to put on your list for sure. I visited the Ocean Sands Hotel in Enniscrone last year to check out their spa opening day, I wrote about it here. One of my lovely online friends kindly sent... Continue Reading →

The Pantry, Roscommon

If you are anything like me and love sweet things, you just have to visit The Pantry in Roscommon town. I was looking for a lovely place to have breakfast there recently, and I've tried a few places in the town but The Pantry is quite new and it's worth driving there just to visit.... Continue Reading →

Introducing The Heart of Sligo

Since moving on from Sligo Hub I missed having a place where I could share things of interest relating to Sligo, this included communities, events, photos, food, businesses etc. I do have my blog Facebook page, but I wanted a Sligo focused page or group, so the Love Sligo group was born in late 2021.... Continue Reading →

The Blog is 14!

Can you believe the blog is now fourteen years old! On a dark day in 2009 the blog was born. It was started as an online diary then people started reading it so what went from a few readers turned into hundreds of thousands of visits and views. The blog has seen and blogged about... Continue Reading →

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