To The Village in the Woods

As you know I love exploring but after a busy day yesterday I didn't feel like driving for miles today. I'll tell you more about yesterday in another blog post. I'm blessed to live in a beautiful area, with many hidden gems close by. Today I went back to the village in the woods, I've... Continue Reading →

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

I've had a break from the Facebook blog page, but I'm still getting messages every day. Not nasty ones, these are tourism based ones. I read all the lovely comments and I'm thinking why am I letting trolls ruin what was a really popular Facebook page. I also realise that many of you are missing... Continue Reading →

The Lilliput Way in Roscommon

I'm always looking for interesting things to visit and feature on the blog and I've discovered a fantastic walk, just a short drive from Roscommon Town. The Lilliput Way is in Kilteevan and it's part of the Cloonlarge Bog Walk, which is a looped walk around the peatlands. It's a lovely scenic walk, there wasn't... Continue Reading →

Something Inside So Strong

Do you ever feel like you have two sides to your personality? Or is that just me? I have a socially introvert side, quiet, shy and retiring, and I have this eejit of a person - outgoing, loud and pure daft. The quiet side was shopping in Lidl this morning, nothing wild or exciting, but... Continue Reading →

SG turns 40!

There are great celebrations planned for this Saturday, as SG Education and Art Shop turn 40. You are all invited to come along from 1pm - 3pm and you can read all the details in the poster above. One of the reasons I'm sharing this is that they have come up with a great way... Continue Reading →

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