Coffee mornings and connections

Ah lads the insomnia is getting out of control. I haven’t had the phone next to the bed for a week and I’m still wide awake at 2am. All sorts of things go through my head, it’s like a non-stop movie. I finally gave up and came downstairs and here I am….prepare for a ramble.

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A Super Saturday

Today was a lovely day – even though I only got about 4 hours of sleep last night. I was wired last night, what with the road traffic accident, we weren’t involved and everyone was fine, but it was quite worrying all the same seeing the lorry on its side.

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Frantic Friday

Yes I’m awake at a daft time again. This time I’m too ‘wired’ to sleep, it was a strange mix of a day; a radio interview in the morning, knocking a toothbrush into the toilet at lunchtime (yes really) and being seconds away from a road traffic accident this afternoon.

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I’m a cover girl!

Well what an exciting day, I can actually say I’m a cover girl on a magazine. Now I know some people get on the front cover of Vogue or Cosmopolitan but I’m on the cover of the Migraine Ireland magazine! I’m delighted and I love the photo – Lucy took this of me and it won a prize in the Chronic Pain Ireland competition.

I have migraines on a regular basis and the magazine interviewed me about them and about my life in general. I’m delighted with the article, I hope you will be able to read it 🙂