Looking at HSE Facts and Figures

In light of the Versatis patches being withdrawn by the HSE I was looking into some of the spending by the HSE. I’m not targeting anyone as I know people are entitled to health care for various reasons but I am wondering if perhaps cuts could be made elsewhere.

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Pancakes and Polyps

Today was a stressful day. Jono had to go to the day clinic in Sligo University Hospital for an endoscopy test.

As always Jono was cool, calm and collected. I, on the other hand, was a bag of nerves. I think it’s the waiting around that gets to me. So when Jono was in having the tests I went to visit my friend in her lovely new office. I even had a flaxseed pancake which was delicious. It was lovely to distract my mind from poor Jono.

Anyway the tests are all done, so far they told us he has a polyp in his stomach. What they are looking for is to see if they could find a reason why he’s anaemic. We’ll get the rest of the results in a couple of weeks. The hospital were fantastic, very kind and caring to Jono and it was great to know he was in such good hands.

I thought Jono would be exhausted as he hadn’t eaten in 24 hours and he was sedated but he was great. He had Versatis patches on him and what a difference they made. He could actually walk around! He hasn’t been able to do that in months.

We shared a pancake from The Blind Tiger, it was delicious – melted chocolate, mint ice cream and whipped cream, yum!

Jono really never ceases to amaze me with his ability to cope. He’s some fella. I’m completely wiped out tonight! I’m just glad it’s all over