Farewell January

This month has felt like it was at least 300 days long, well to me anyway. It’s not been a bad month though. I managed to stay on the wagon with dry January – not a drop of alcohol has been consumed. Even more surprisingly I haven’t had any cake and those who know me […]

green bridge

Keep the faith

It’s a year ago since my life started to turn around. It was a tough time leading up to it and I really didn’t think I’d get back to being me or the me I was before the depression kicked in. But here I am. Back with a bang. Not back to being the old […]


I went along to the WellExpo in Donegal Town today. I was very excited to meet writer Sharon Thompson, I’ve read her books and loved them and when I found she was doing a writing workshop I had to go along. Sharon is just lovely, you know when you meet someone and like them immediately? […]

Little boxes

There’s an advert on TV at the moment with the song Little Boxes on it. It’s an old song but I like it. It’s also a technique that really helps me. I’d forgotten about it for a while and you might think I’m barking but here we go. I used to imagine I had compartments […]

Festivals in Ireland 2020

This post has been the most popular one on my blog for the last two years so grab a cuppa and enjoy reading about some of the best festivals of 2020.This is the perfect guide for those who might be thinking of coming to Ireland and timing it with one of these. Firstly a special […]

Sunday random roundup

I haven’t done a catch up blog post for a while so I thought I’d write one. I’m 12 days into Dry January and all is going well, I have to say I’m not missing alcohol at all so that’s a good sign. I’m also still eating healthily and haven’t had any cake, considering I […]