The week that was

I’ve had such an amazing week. Probably one of the best I’ve had in a long time. Mid-week was a trip to Dublin and Friday was a trip to Galway, it’s funny how everything happens at the same time but it was all great. The Dublin trip was meself and himself. We hardly ever go […]

Saturday in Tubbercurry

I had a lovely day today in Tubbercurry. There was shopping, lunch, the library and reiki. Tanya from Reiki Concepts Therapy has her practice there, I went to her just after my mum died and my energy was through the floor, I’m came out of there bouncing! Tanya told me things on both occasions that […]

It’s all about perspective

I was out taking photos recently and it’s funny that when you look at a view from one direction it looks completely different from the other direction. The two photos here were taken one after the other just looking in different directions. So it got me thinking. It’s a lot like life. Things happen, things […]

The Social Coffee Morning heads to Leitrim

If you are a regular reader of the blog you’ll know that I started a social coffee morning in Sligo. There were two reasons for the morning. One was because at the height of my depression I missed someone to go for coffee with and I wanted others to realise that they aren’t alone. The […]

Going Underground in Rathcroghan

I love the exploring and I’ve been to Rathcroghan Visitor Centre many times but I’ve never been to Oweynagat (Cave of the Cats) before. This has been described as Ireland’s “Gate to Hell” and the entrance to the Otherworld. It’s also said to be the location where Halloween or Samhain originated from. Samhain was the […]

I met someone today….

Someone who I hadn’t seen in at least 6 years. They asked me what happened to me. I wasn’t sure where the conversation was going until they explained that I look like I’m lit up from the inside. Do you know that’s exactly how I feel. I feel like I have the sun inside me […]