Heart of Sligo Day – 12.1 Million People Reached

I decided to run a #heartofsligo day on social media, so that people could share their love of Sligo on St. Valentine’s Day, and also a way of launching the new hashtag I’m using. I’m delighted that the campaign got a 12.1 million reach, especially as it was a quiet enough day. It really shows the power of social media and imagine what the reach would have been if all the Sligo businesses and agencies I emailed joined in.

As always this was a voluntary campaign and I also ran a #heartofleitrim one on the same day, this was a spur of the moment one but even so it got a 1 million reach.

I enjoy doing these days, it’s a lot of work but it’s great to see some positivity on social media, and of course some lovely photos.

A special mention to Sligo Volunteer Centre who embraced the day and visited some of their volunteers with chocolates, you can watch their full video here: https://fb.watch/iN_bNlgbeX/ Thanks so much to everyone who joined in, and a special thank you to Emer who designed a gorgeous logo for our newly renamed Facebook group.

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