Sunday Thoughts

So here we are on a Sunday again, the first working week of the year done. I went back with a bang and flew through work and it made me realise how much I needed the break. It was great to come back with fresh eyes and a fresh head.

There’s been a highlight for 2023 already, I was asked to take part in the Sligo Weekender feature of Hopes and Positive messages for 2023. Some well-known Sligo people were asked, and I’d never thought of myself as well-known but there you go.

A memory came up of some of my paintings from five years ago one added above), I didn’t think I started painting that long ago, time flies! I’m not an artist by any means, but I can see an improvement and I’m happy with that. Although painting really for me is for the relaxation aspect, not the finished result. If people like what I paint it’s an added bonus.

There were a few conversations in the last few months of 2022, I’m such an ideas person and I really get fired up talking to like-minded people. Nothing has happened with any of the ideas and that has me thinking that I should park them. I like to act on this fairly quickly, I feel if there are too many delays it kills my spark. I’m probably not explaining this very well, but I think these things are dead in the water now. I do miss having conversations where my ideas matter, and I miss collaborating with people, but there are always other things to be doing, and you never know what’s around the corner.

I loved my morning in Strandhill yesterday and I think I should definitely do more things like this, it’s very good for me. I’m happy out being on my own too. I’d like to explore more of the Yeats Trail, it’s a series of sculptures around the county, it hasn’t been officially launched yet, but Choose Sligo has them all listed:

I’ve visited three of them so far, and I really like them, especially the eagle at Glen Wood, although you have to stand with the light in the right place to see it clearly.

I was scrolling though Instagram yesterday and saw the most lovely idea, it’s a fairy pig walk at the Burren Nature Sanctuary (photo above is from the sanctuary). I love animals, and this sounds right up my street, I do wish it was closer to home though, as I don’t venture very far these days. Wild Ireland is still on my list too, I’ve heard great things about this place.

That’s me for another Sunday Thoughts post, I love these because when I start writing I have no idea what will appear, it just all comes out! I think it’s because I don’t talk to many people in real life! I hope you all have a lovely Sunday and a good week ahead.

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  1. Look forward to seeing/hearing what’s new, things to do, artistic interests in Co Sligo. Val, your blogs are a lovely read and informative, especially as I can’t be there #lovesligo #ireland

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