Something Inside So Strong

Do you ever feel like you have two sides to your personality? Or is that just me? I have a socially introvert side, quiet, shy and retiring, and I have this eejit of a person – outgoing, loud and pure daft.

The quiet side was shopping in Lidl this morning, nothing wild or exciting, but that changed when I got to the till. The till person was singing ‘Something inside so Strong’ – and I could feel a battle inside me starting – which I know sounds completely barking!

Anyway the loud side of me won, and starting joining in this impromptu duet – luckily the man carried on singing along with me. In an ideal world the rest of the queue would have joined in but they didn’t. So I paid for my shopping and scuttled out of the shop – slightly mortified.

The chicken represents me – scuttling out to my car.

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  1. Val, I think most people not all but most people have two side but usually you onle ever get to see one side. So you should let both sides shine whenever possible. Your Ohio friend,Jack

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