Pressing the Pause Button

I’ve usually been lucky with social media, most of my followers are really lovely people, but recently the Blog Facebook has taken a nasty turn, with some horrible comments and messages. I’ve had a think about it and decided to step away from the Facebook page for the time being.

I’ve had people tell me not to heed the comments and to block (which I have) but when the comments come in several times a day, and I wake up to them, it’s time to look after me and stop. The people who send these messages don’t think that there is an actual person behind the page. Most of them are the #bekind brigade too, and they are anything but kind.

The blog is just a hobby and I will keep writing posts here when I feel like it. I will also be on twitter and Instagram – for me they are nicer places.

I hope you all understand, but for now I need to put myself first.

2 thoughts on “Pressing the Pause Button

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  1. Val, I am sorry to hear this, but I certainly understand. I will miss you on Facebook but I will continue to look forward to and read your Blog. Always but yourself and your family first. Looking forward to your next Blog. Your frien Jack from Ohio.

  2. So soorry to hear you ae being harrased- how awfull, I had no idea you were dealing with this crap- Im glad you ae taking care of yourself and look forward to oyur blogs, I will also find you on twitter and instagram. By the way that photo is just absoloutley beautiful- wha is the prurple flowering bush. You take good care of yourself my freind ❤

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