All Things Natural – Zero Waste Food Shop Sligo

All Things Natural have recently celebrated their first anniversary of their shop in Market Cross, Sligo town. They are in the former Cait and I shop near the Lady Eireann Statue.

The shop is in two sections, at the front you will find soaps, incense, baby products, cards, and lots more. At the back is the Reduce, Reuse, Refill section. On one side is the cleaning products, hair care, body wash etc. They are in big containers and you just refill your own container or you can use one of the glass bottles that are in the store.

On the other side is a range of foods, again you just refill your containers, or if you are getting a small amount there are paper bags. They have a good selection of products including pasta, beans, lentils, seeds, salt etc. They also have flour, sugar, muesli, and even dog food.

My favourite section is the tea section. I’m a big fan of herbal tea but I find I don’t like some of the flavours when I buy them. In All Things Natural you can buy the tea loose, and just buy small quantities, so you can try it before you buy a tin of it. Or you can just refill your containers or buy a tin of tea. I bought three different teas, my favourite of them is the Body and Soul tea, it’s a blend of Rooibos, apple, peppers, orange, lemongrass, cinnamon, currants, cardamom, cornflower and ginger.

The shop is open Tuesday – Saturday from 10am – 5pm. If you can’t get into the shop you can buy on their website:

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