The Spirit of Sligo

I was delighted to win the Spirit of Sligo award at the recent Cathaoirleach’s Award. Due to restrictions there were a number of award ceremonies held in various locations. I was in the good company of Brendan Tierney, who won the Arts & Culture award and Brian King, who won the Sport award.

Cathaoirleach Councillor Paul Tylor (left), me and Councillor Declan Bree. Photo by Charlie Brady

Declan Bree presented my award and made this wonderful speech:

“The ‘Spirit of Sligo’ category was introduced to honour special people whose contribution  extends above and beyond a  particular award category, and whose endeavours have made a major impact on the community.

I believe this year’s winner in this category embodies the spirit of Sligo

Her passion and enthusiasm for Sligo makes her an excellent ambassador for this county, and her on-line profile serves to showcase our many attractions to a national and international audience.

Over the years Val has developed multiple campaigns for the promotion of Sligo as a tourist destination, generating valuable profile for local businesses, and managing an on-line narrative narrative that places Sligo enterprise firmly on the map.

From creating online shopping guides during the challenge of Covid, through supporting the tourism via Twitter Campaigns, Val’s acumen and creativity have been invaluable resources for our community.

Val has also been a passionate and articulate advocate for inclusion, human rights and equality

Her many attributers make Val Robus a very worthy  and deserving winner of the Cathaoirleach’s Awards 2021 in the category ‘Spirit of Sligo’.”

I really was over the moon to win this. It’s something special to be recognised by the community that I live in and that I love. Congratulations to all the other winners. You can read all about them here:

The photos are by Charlie Brady.

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