I’m a finalist in the Sockies Awards!

I’m very excited today, an email arrived to tell me that I’m in the final of the Sockies 2021. For those who don’t know the Sockies are the Social Media awards in Ireland and I’m in the final for the #Love your county campaign.

If you follow me on twitter you might have seen the days I hosted to shine a spotlight on our beautiful counties, so far I’ve hosted #LoveSligo #LoveLeitrim #LoveMayo and #LoveRoscommon. I’ve also hosted a #LoveFoodIreland day and #LoveIrishArt and #LoveIrishCraft.

It was great seeing Social Media come alive with positivity and beautiful photos and it was well worth the long days and square eyes. It was also wonderful seeing a few well known people getting involved too and having some of the days trending on twitter. This tweet from Charlie Flanagan just made my day.

Being in the final of the Sockies is the icing on the cake and even if I don’t win I’m just so excited to be included in such a prestigious list. You can see all the finalists here: https://sockies.ie/2021-social-media-awards-finalists/

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