Sunday Thoughts

Ah it’s that time of the week again. Firstly thank you for all the lovely comments yesterday, I actually enjoyed my little rant, it cleared my head and allowed me to spend more of the time I have on my hands going off exploring 😉 blog post about that here.

In the midst of the madness there have been some very kind moments. I was asking on a group for watercolour pencil recommendations and a lovely lady who I’ve never met sent me some that she doesn’t use anymore. It was so kind of her and so appreciated. I also got a lovely box of goodies for Lucy from another lady, again such kindness and it’s important to remember that there are lovely people out there.

We can travel within Ireland tomorrow and I have a date with a bluebell woods in the next county. I’m slightly obsessed with bluebells and I’ve been making the most of seeing them within Sligo. It’s been lovely to see them and hear the soundtrack of the birds along with them. I’m adding a short sound and vision slideshow from Union Wood so that you can see what I mean.

There was huge hype this week about a certain sunrise walk. People can choose whatever charity they want to support and if the walk helps them that’s great, but they seem to have forgotten the big uproar about this charity last year around wages. I’m not going to say much about it because you can google it if you want to. I just wish more people would support local charities who don’t get state funding or huge publicity. I saw a tweet that said they would love if people were encouraged to check on someone rather than go off for a walk, and I have to say I agree. When I was in the depths of depression there were very few people around. I was chatting to Jono during the week and he said he would love it if people too time to talk and listen rather than walk, it might save more lives. It’s also a shocking state of affairs that charities are expected to do so much for mental health. What’s happened to health board providing these services? I don’t expect an answer to that one.

Two things I’ve discovered in the last couple of weeks is that an odd rant is a good thing. I was starting to become a Pollyanna, everything was wonderful and all that. The rant was great to voice my opinions. I’ve also discovered the joy of taking photos again, that had long gone, it’s been great to step away from the computer and the millions of rabbit holes and negativity and get back to nature.

As things start opening up I wish you all strength, listen to yourself, you know better than anyone what you can and can’t do, go gently.

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  1. Lovely post. Totally agree with everything you said especially about what happened last year…. sadly people forget very fast. I always donate locally. Keep up your lovely writing & artwork…. love it all. Stay strong. God Bless. Claire x

  2. Hi Val, yes agree you with you too. So many of us are struggling and sometimes just a phonecall or a 5 min chat outside the coffee shop will make one feel better, doesn’t have to be a long walk at 4 in the morning. However people are kind and are doing this from kindness so it’s important to consider that. Keep it local, keep it simple and simple is all we have.
    Hopefully see you soon val. X

  3. Yes, I get this. Big gestures are great, but don’t forget the real people too. A chat with a friend who is feeling very low might be awkward and you might not know what to say, but my goodness, it will mean the world to them, more than any 4am hike will. X

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