A question of time

I’m on a bit of a rant. I’ve been making the most of the nice weather and revisiting old haunts that I haven’t seen for a while due to the restrictions. I’ve also continued painting. I’ve had a few comments though, all relating the amount of time I must have on my hands. It’s getting on my wick to be perfectly honest and not that I should have to explain myself but here goes.

For the last couple of years a lot of my time was spent on a computer, we’d set up Sligo Hub and that took a huge amount of work. That’s no longer mine and is in new, very capable hands. That left a gap, I ended up filling that gap devoting more time to work, more time on the computer, and that is not good for my mental health.

Since the restrictions lifted I went to a couple of places and took the camera with me, and loved it. I’d forgotten how much pleasure taking photos used to give me. I’m also doing something new recording the soundtrack of the place and putting it with the photos I’ve taken.

I also set aside an hour a day to paint, that’s it. One hour. Instead of having a lunch hour I have a paint hour. I know I shouldn’t have to justify myself but I am.

I used to love reading but I haven’t been able to in the last year, I don’t have the concentration span anymore. I’ve never been into housework. Life is too short….and there’s the thing life is too short. If I find something that helps my mental health and gives me peace I’m going to do it. Those reading this can think what they like but I’ve been in a dark place before and I’m damned if I’m going back to it because some people think I have too my time on my hands. Rant over.

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  1. You look after yourself and feck the begrudgers. Your photographs are beautiful. Stay safe and well😷

  2. I’m in total agreement with you, Val. Of course you don’t need to explain or justify yourself & your own use of your own time, & I only hope this article encourages other people to admit their admiration for your excellent mental health well being strategies. And, that others may also share their own positive mental health strategies. Like you, I also enjoy painting, but unlike you, I could spend an entire day painting and that does my mental health the world of good. I’m of the opinion that when people make derogatory remarks to someone about what they do or don’t do, it’s usually because they don’t feel brave enough to be free in their own choices, OR (which is much more likely) they are simply mean spirited &/or envious of you. It would be a very sad day for me & 100s of others if you suddenly stopped sharing your incredible art in all it’s forms.

  3. Val, and I”m incomplete agreement with Blathnaid. You do not need to explain yourself, but since you did, you did an excellent job. Keep doing what youare doing if that’s what makes you happy and does not hurt anyone. I for one love your post, your pictures and your comments so please keep up the good work and keep doing what you do. Your frien in Ohio, Jack

  4. If thoseg comments arent said in a ‘lol’ way and you feel they are having a go: unfriend/block. You dont need the grief. Keep doing what works for you and motivates the rest of us 🤗

  5. I would love to see/hear any of the results of your efforts.
    The audio/visual pieces especially. I hope they get preserved for posterity.
    So many commonplace things disappear, almost unnoticed.
    Good luck.

  6. Crikey, I can really relate to this. Back in the UK, I was often getting comments like “I wish I had the time to do all this” and being referred to as a lady of leisure. I am a full time carer for my little boy, but more than that, I run a smallholding, am always doing different crafts, making my own wine, jams, bread etc and growing my own food. It used to be that whenever I went out with my female friends, it would turn into a bragathon over who worked the longest hours, even if they hated their jobs. Nobody asked me what I did of a day as I am very sure that they thought I did nothing. The thing is, these friends did have as much time as I do. They spent many regular hours getting their hair done, their nails done, mooching the shops for the latest fashions, having endless coffees with friends in town, cleaning their spotless houses and constantly renewing the decor of the rooms for no obvious reason. They had just as much time as I do, but their priorities were different that’s all. It was annoying and at least the lockdown gave me a break and let me get on with my own business without criticism. Carry on just as you are, you have a hugely interesting life and never stop learning and are very inspiring.

  7. What self entitled humans they are. Funny that they have so little to occupy themselves and plenty of time to comment on your life and the way you choose to spend it. If they have nothing positive to say they should just move along quietly.
    Says a lot more about them than it does about you. You do you 💪👍

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