Sunday Thoughts

It’s hard to believe it’s now a year since we were first affected by Covid 19. This time last year masks weren’t a thing and neither was social distancing. I remember being in a crowded room for an International Women’s Day celebration, it was so packed that it was hard to make my way around it. In fact I felt so uncomfortable I took one look and left, I only went back when a friend met me.

It all seems so hard to imagine now, that there were times like this. That there were concerts and people dancing all over each other. Packed pubs and packed restaurants. Flights to far flung countries just for the hell of it. Train trips, day trips, visits to family and friends. Noise, hustle and bustle. Quickly followed by silence.

For someone like me who would normally suffer from cabin fever after two days at home I found the beginning hard to deal with. Now I’m happy out. I like being at home, I suppose I’m stuck in a rut and I think like most people I’m kind of worried about things getting back to normal. I’ll be a bit frightened I think. I’m bad enough going into a supermarket if there are too many people in there. I just leave and go to another supermarket.

This time last year I’d never heard of zoom. Now there doesn’t seem to be a week without a zoom call. We’ve all got used to this virtual world. It’s nice not having to drive miles for meetings. It’s nice to look professional from the waist up but be in jogging bottoms and slippers from the waist down.

The highlight of the day has been mealtimes or walks, the postman calling, or the weekly adventure of putting the bin out. I suppose we never thought we’d all be living in a pandemic. One thing I’ve learned is just to go along with life. Certainly in this situation there’s nothing I can do about it, so I’ll keep my head down, keep busy and wait, and hope that soon I’ll be able to see my daughter again. It’s not like she’s miles away, she’s only in the next county and both counties haven’t had near as many cases as other parts of Ireland. It’s quite hard seeing the whole country tied to the same rules and regulations, but I suppose that’s where we are at for now anyway.

Mind yourselves and each other. Look for the joy in each day. That first cup of coffee, the sun shining, birds in the garden, your favourite song. It surely will get better one day.


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  1. Thank you, Val, for writing down the feelings that many people have. So familiar, although i don’t have to do zoom-calls. Hold on !

  2. I sure hope so.. It’s tough right now on all of us .. .. I received the AZ vaccine two days ago with the general advice ” you might need a bit of paracetamol.. Turned out to be an understatement the pain arrived 12 hrs later even with pain killer it got steadily worse day 2 I had no qualms taking pain meds felt lousy .. Now in day 3 improving but lethargic bad tampered out of sorts anxious chesty but if that’s what it takes to make life better for everyone in doing it.. General advice rest up before your appointment cuz it’s possible you’ll feel dodgy for or two and have the pain meds in the house don’t expect a great appetite either (nausea)

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