Sunday Thoughts

I was part of something lovely yesterday, it was empowering and encouraging and it got me thinking. I was thinking about the kind words and the genuine smiles, the compassion and the honesty, and most of all a feeling of belonging.

It got me thinking, wouldn’t it be wonderful if life was like that all the time? If people built people up instead of dragging them down. It would be a much nicer place don’t you think?

I thought about the powerful people who surround me now. In a professional level they are strong women and they are supportive and encouraging. I thought about previous situations I’d been in where people were quick to put me down, and not just me but others around them too.

We should all encourage each other. Life isn’t a competition, there shouldn’t be an ‘us and them’ situation. We should be genuinely happy if people are doing well in life.

I also love the idea of giving something back if you can. It can make a world of difference. We need all the kindness we can get at the moment.

Today I’m grateful for all I have around me, and grateful for every good thing that comes my way. Tomorrow is Imbolc – midway between Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox and the start of the brighter days, and hopefully better days for everyone. Stay safe.


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