Sunday Thoughts

It's been a week of really feeling the love and feeling appreciated. A week of many highs, and I'm firmly staying away from the 'C' word. I had some lovely post, including this letter from Sligo County Council which was a real surprise and so wonderful to receive. I also got a signed photo from... Continue Reading →

Sunday Thoughts

I was part of something lovely yesterday, it was empowering and encouraging and it got me thinking. I was thinking about the kind words and the genuine smiles, the compassion and the honesty, and most of all a feeling of belonging. It got me thinking, wouldn't it be wonderful if life was like that all... Continue Reading →

Thanksgiving Day

Firstly Happy Thanksgiving Day to all my followers and friends in the USA. I hope you all have a wonderful day. Given the day that's in it I've decided to write my own thanksgiving post. Excuse the rubbish photo but during the week I was chatting to Andy about how I loved the fire at... Continue Reading →

Gratitude Award

I've been tagged by Susan (Queen of Pots)¬†for a gratitude award. I have to say five things that I am grateful for. I'm grateful for so many things, but I'll try to narrow it down. The first thing is my lovely family. I really have been blessed. I have the most wonderful husband and the... Continue Reading →

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