Sunday Thoughts

Well it’s that time of the week again for some of my ramblings. I hope you are all doing OK during these strange times. There’s certainly an autumnal feeling in the air and the mornings have been misty with a real chill. We are rewarded with dewy cobwebs and some beautiful sunny days though.

Lucy turned 25 yesterday, it almost feels like I’m coming into the autumn of my life with the youngest of my children now being 25. I’ve been blessed with both Jono and Lucy, such fantastic people and I’m very proud to be their mum.

As Covid lingers on, my circle of people has got much smaller than it ever was. Some of it through choice and some not, but it’s all OK. I’m not going to be everyone’s cup of tea, I’m actually smiling typing this because there is a person who lives near here and I’ve always tried to be nice whenever I meet them on the road. This person just glares at me, but do you know what, that’s their problem. They’ve never bothered to speak to me (except once to give out to me for not collecting the dog wee – long story). So they can carry on not liking me and I will carry on saying hello whenever I meet them.

I’ve been quite proud of myself this week. I was asked to do a lot of things, some photography work related and some promotional and I said no to them all. I’m too busy to take on any more and I don’t want to burn myself out because that’s when the trouble begins. So saying no was a huge step for me and the fact that I didn’t really feel guilty for saying no was an even bigger step. In the past I would have beaten myself up for not doing what was ‘expected’ of me.

I remember somewhere along the way hearing that if you say no to something you feel that you have to do, you can say yes to the things you want to do. It’s a good way to look at things. I think a lot of people feel obliged to do things because it’s expected of them. Anyway I’m starting to ramble now so I’ll sign off. Wishing you a happy week.

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