A step back in time in the Museum of Country Life

We are very luck to have the National Museum of Country Life a short drive from us. It’s located just outside Castlebar in Co. Mayo and really worth a visit. It’s free to visit, although donations are welcome.

You can walk around the beautiful grounds, including the conservatory. There’s a great article here about the gardens, which date back to the 1860s.

The permanent exhibition is all about the history of Ireland. There is so much to see including crafts, cycling, hearth and home, and lots more. I’ve been several times and always notice something I’ve previously missed.

At the moment there’s a great exhibition running until January 2021- Kitchen Power: Women’s Experiences of Rural Electrification. I loved looking at this, some of the items reminded me of my childhood, especially the twin tub and the sunbeam mixer. If I think back in time I can almost smell the washing as it was moved from one tub to the other.

I really enjoyed watching the old ESB adverts too. There was one that told you all the electricity you could get with just a penny. My favourite one is the one below. ‘if your bill is bigger, it simply means you’re living better.’

Electricity Helps in So Many Ways, c.1964

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  1. Val, I appreciate your great photos around the Museum of Country Life, an odd, out of the way collection that holds a chunk of my heart. What I wouldn’t give to work there.

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