The turning point – Three years ago

A memory came back on Facebook today and I was instantly transported back to that moment in time. It was the day I went for seaweed bath in Strandhill, with a voucher that the Havin’aLaugh charity sent me. I’d written in depth about my battle with depression, and Ruth, one of my blog readers suggested I contact the charity.

I did just that, I sent an email and the charity contacted my counsellor and asked me what I’d like to do. There were all different kinds of life enhancing experiences on the website and I really wasn’t sure if I had the energy to do anything.I decided a seaweed bath might be nice, so off I went and I was inspired to take photos along the beach, something I hadn’t done for a long time.

I started to notice the beauty that surrounded me and started to notice the small things; flowers, shells, the sound of the sea, the breeze in my hair. For the first time in a while I started to feel a bit better, like there was hope. I thought about the kindness of the charity, and that there was someone outside the family who cared about me.

I won’t forget that kindness and the charity inspired me to start the coffee mornings, which have now led onto the book – which will be out in a couple of months. The proceeds of the book will go to help other people who feel just like I did. It’s a circle of kindness and I’m proud and very grateful to be part of it.

Blaithin Sweeney, who founded the charity, is a very special lady and I don’t think she realises what a difference she is making. I’ve also been blessed to get to know Teresa and Trisha and other wonderful people through the charity. If you want to know more about the charity you can visit the website here.



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  1. You have been a tremendous support to Havin a Laugh and many more people have benefitted as a result of your promoting it.

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