A catch up

It’s been a while since I wrote anything. The last couple of weeks have been very busy.

The lads had their birthdays and it was also our wedding anniversary and mum’s anniversary. A lot of thoughts and emotions.

We’d hoped (or rather I’d hoped) we’d have a couple of days away for our anniversary, but that was pre-covid. We did have a lovely day though. We went to Strandhill and had a ‘carnic’ that’s a picnic in the car. It’s the first time we’d been to the beach in 3 months due to restrictions and I can’t begin to tell you how lovely it was. I’ve missed the sea so much. The ice cream sundae was pretty special too!

Jono has his first physio session for over three months today. I only don’t know how he’s managed. It’s been so hard for him because he’d usually get physio on a regular basis and he’d also get to the swimming pool, but with none of them open it hasn’t happened. Hopefully the physio will give him some relief.

Everything else is grand, the insomnia is back, hence the 4am blog post, but I’m due a B12 injection so hopefully that’ll get done soon.

From a work point of view I’m busier than ever but I absolutely love my job. It’s amazing to be involved in projects that are so interesting and be surrounded by such a supportive team, albeit virtually.

There have also been zoom meetings about our charity book and that’s progressing nicely and this week I was interviewed for a new Sligo podcast, I’ll let you know when it’s out. I’ve also recorded a new show for BCRFM, my monthly show will now be twice a month, which I’m delighted about. I love being on the radio, picking the music and just waffling on about things.

Most of the shops have also reopened over the last week or so. I braved Penneys just for a gander, Lucy was directing me over the phone to things she wanted me to look at. I was like a virtual shopper. The charity shops are also open, they are my favourite, a great chance to get a bargain for a good cause.

So, that’s about all my news for now. I hope you are keeping well.

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  1. I have read your posts for many years(although never commented) and its so lovely to see the positive changes in your outlook on life,way to go,and well done for showing that life is there to be lived.

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