Sunday Thoughts

This is a mixed bag of Sunday thoughts. Jono turned 27 during the week, it’s strange having a birthday during a pandemic, we made the best of it. I’m proud of the man that Jono has become, he’s brave, intelligent and inspirational among other things, he’s also very funny. I’m so grateful that I’m his mum.

It’s also coming up to the first anniversary of my mother passing away. In the middle of each night I’m transported back to this time last year. I was away on a work trip, the flight there was the worst one I’ve ever been on, there was a lighting storm and the plane was buffeted all over the place. The pilot tried to land and couldn’t, we could see the runway but he had to take the plane back up again. We landed at another airport and I’ll never forget the people screaming and having panic attacks all around me. Surprisingly I kept calm, I had my headphones in and my eyes tightly shut, Riverdance started playing and in my head I could see Michael Flatley dancing up and down the aisle. I know how barking that sounds but it kept me calm and got me through it.

The rest of the trip was fine until I was just about to board the plane home and got a call to say my mother was dying. She waited until I got to see her even though she didn’t know I was there. I played her some of her favourite songs to try to make her relax, I don’t know if she could hear them though. It wasn’t always an easy relationship but you can’t regret what wasn’t to be.

I’ve also had a lot of thoughts about the new guidelines that the government are bringing out tomorrow. We were only meant to be able to travel within a 20km from our homes and still keeping trips to essential shopping or exercise etc only.

Now, from June 8th we can travel anywhere within our county, or 20km from our home (so into other counties if we are on the border). Shops are allowed to reopen; I dread to think of the queue for Penneys, who will open again at the of the week. The queue for McDonalds last week was huge, not that I was anywhere near it but I saw photos and videos.

To me it seems like someone has hit the fast forward button and after 21 days without a case in Sligo I’m worried that it’s too much, too soon. I hope it doesn’t all spiral backwards. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

Thanks for reading, as always.

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  1. We are delighted and nervous in equal measure of the fast track return to normal. It means we may get to the coast 3 weeks sooner but the increased movement of people may be detrimental to the progress. We wont know if we don’t try.

  2. So now it’s July 5th and in retrospect, I think you were right about too much too soon. I live in Utah, and we were nervous about reopening since even the slightest lift of the restrictions basically gave people the all-clear signal, and they jumped back into normal life. Now we’re dealing with soaring Covid numbers again. Sigh.

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