5km from home

One of the things I’ve enjoyed recently is going out walking and exploring places with my 5km radius. I thought I knew this area fairly well but I’ve realised I don’t know it at all.

You see far more when you walk rather than when you drive. I’ve discovered two new lakes (well new to me), some forest walks – including bluebells and much more.

Words aren’t coming easy to me today so I’m just going to share some photos and I’ll tell you more about the places in another post.

6 thoughts on “5km from home

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  1. Saturdays and Sundays are tougher to get through Val. Im happy to work and tidy Mon-Fri but weekends are for coffee dates, pottering around the shops, heading to the coast…. We are all feeling a bit lost here today, when you’d think we should have it sussed after 8 weeks.

  2. Thanks for sharing with us that there are many treasures to find, even when we are corralled, so to speak, within a narrow circumference. Out of bad comes good! Or at least some unexpected delights.

  3. Thanks for sharing Val, there are so many hidden gems within our reach that we tend to bypass normally. But because we’ve had to slow down we get to see them. Sometimes it’s good to slow down.

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