Sunday Thoughts

It’s Sunday again, the days seem to be flying, even though we are in this strange new world. I’ve started to get very used to it though. It’s funny because normally I’d get cabin fever and want to be off somewhere but now I’m enjoying the peace, actually really enjoying it,

It’s been a bit of a week though. Something that I was enjoying has ended so it gave me a little confidence knock but what’s the saying – ‘What’s for you won’t pass you’, so I guess it wasn’t meant to be. I’ve surprised myself really because although I was gutted at the time I’m grand now. Onwards and upwards.

I’ve found that walking has been a huge help to me to get my thoughts straight. Another surprise because when I was bad with depression I couldn’t walk, it would make me dwell on the negative thoughts and make me feel worse. Now I love it, I’m lucky that we live in such a peaceful place, so it’s usually just me and the birds. The poor dogs are getting older so they just go on short walks these days and not on my long treks. I do have to say though I never feel like going for a walk, it’s usually an effort to leave the house but I always feel better when I’m out and afterwards.

The restriction for exercise has now been increased from a 2km to a 5km from home so it’s opened up a lot more walks for me and I’ve been off exploring. I’ll keep those stories for other blogs though, but the photo at the top is one of the new places I’ve discovered.

I hope you are all doing well and that you and your families are healthy, thanks for reading, and thanks to those of you who comment.


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  1. You live in such a beautiful place Val. Beats walking the town streets. We have a couple of nice country roads nearby but have a trek along the noisy dusty Main road before we can get to them. Whilst I’m loving seeing photos of stunning scenery and sunsets its also annoying when we haven’t the freedom to be out ourselves. Mullaghmore seems like a distant desire. I agree that there’s something good about being home and content with our lot. Theres been good days and a few not so. Might have been full moon fever but I certainly had a few ‘very irritable’ days. Thankfully they’ve passed and calm restored. Hope Andy and Jono are well, and Lucy. I’ll bet you’re missing not seeing her. Looking forward to a coffee in Sligo soon. X

    1. Thanks Ann, yes really happy to live in such a beautiful location.
      Hopefully you’ll get to Mullaghmore soon.
      I am missing Lucy, phone calls aren’t the same.
      Looking forward to that coffee x

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