Monday Musings

It’s Easter Monday and a bank holiday here in Ireland but it doesn’t feel any different to any other day in this new Corona era. The days melt seamlessly into each other, the nights are full of vivid dreams or sleeplessness.

I’m doing surprisingly well. For someone who would usually have cabin fever after a couple of days at home, I’m actually enjoying the peace. There’s a sense of freedom in the feeling that I don’t have to be anywhere or meet anyone.

I didn’t realise how tired I was until I was forced to stop. I put such a lot of pressure on myself that I would feel guilty for not doing things or going to places. I would feel like I was letting people down if I said no. I’m realising that the person I was actually letting down was me for saying yes too many times.

My circle of friends has got decidedly smaller and that’s not a bad thing. The numbers on Social Media are just that – numbers. Apart from a handful they aren’t people I would contact if I needed anything and I’m sure they feel the same about me.

You’ve heard the phrase a busy fool, well meet the fool. I’ve read a lot about what people are going to do when all this is over. I’m focusing on the things I’m not going to do.

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  1. Great update on you, the Val we follow your blog for. Stay safe, and happily calm! Tish from Philly and Enniscrone.

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