Sunday Thoughts

It’s a while since I wrote anything. It’s been hard to find the words. Every day the numbers rise, people are losing loved ones and we never hear their names anymore. When did people just become numbers?

How must the families feel? It doesn’t bear thinking about. There’s no end in site. Just numbers increasing, decimating families, villages, towns and countries. An invisible force wreaking havoc.

It would be nice to hear the numbers of those who have recovered though. It seems that the media only likes bad news. I don’t watch the news anymore, I have this feeling that if I’m in my four walls it’s not happening. I suppose I’m just burying my head in the sand. Whatever gets me through the day.

The next thing I write will be more upbeat.

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  1. The media spin isn’t helping Val. All the upset about PPE etc is making people even more fearful. We are have our own coping mechanisms (hopefully). There’ll be a lot of coffee dates to catch up on when this is over. Is Lucy home with you? Hope hubby and Jono doing ok too. Xx

    1. I agree Ann and looking forward to the coffee dates.
      Lucy is in Roscommon with her partner, busy working away, so I haven’t seen her for a while.
      The lads are doing OK although Jono really needs physio and of course it’s closed.

  2. As you say there isn’t much talk of the recovered the answer being no-one can be certain if they actually are recovered.. no right way of coping with this if you can manage to distance yourself great I simply can’t because I have relation s who are In the firing line but I do distract each day just to get some relief..

  3. You are so right, Val, about there being too many death numbers being released. How could we get the hospitals to somehow release the numbers who have recovered from this virus and have been discharged. If I were running a hospital in these times, I think I’d want to hang a huge sign out front that said something like: “42 Covid19 sufferers recovered and sent home today!” Maybe we could get the radio stations to report on such positive numbers. It might even, possibly, have a hopeful, healing effect, just hearing it, for those in hospital who seem to be failing. It might give them the courage and the will to rally and fight back! Broadcast the recoveries! Lift peoples’ hearts and spirits! Broadcast the recoveries! What’s that Ryan Tubridy doing these days?? It sounds like a project he might want to throw himself into.

  4. Be good to hear from the recovered the whole thing is chaotic with people having different strains of it some people who have tested positive and had no symptoms others testing negative twice and going down with the real thing later on.. life has changed and from reading these posts here everyone is hurting in some way.. we will somehow reach the end of it I hope

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