Leap of Faith

This being Leap Day, the lovely Amanda Grace, aka This Pilgrim Soul, posted a tweet asking people about their leaps of faith. So it got me thinking and there are so many times I’ve take a leap of faith. Here are just some that came to mind.

I suppose the first big leap was moving to Ireland. We moved here 29 years ago, my parents are Irish but we lived in the UK. We came to Sligo for a holiday, which was Andy’s first visit to Ireland and we fell in love with the place. So we packed up everything and moved over, swapping the power suits for jeans and wellies and roughing it for a bit, no water, sheep living in the cottage and just one electrical socket. It was challenging but great and there’s no where I’d rather live.

Another leap of faith was back in 2015 and this really was a leap. I challenged myself to do a project about adventures on the Wild Atlantic Way, coming from the point of view of someone who wasn’t at all sporty. I remember trying all kinds of activities but the one that stuck in my mind was the one I almost didn’t do. I was invited to go coast-steering which is jumping of cliffs into the sea and being petrified of both heights and swimming in the sea I almost said no to this. I’m really glad I didn’t though, it was one of the best days I ever had and taught me to try more things. The full post is here.

Last year I was at a conference and one of the speakers encouraged us to contact someone if we had a question to ask. I was contemplating changing jobs so I emailed the person I really wanted to work for. To cut a long story short I was offered my dream job. I remember being very nervous taking that first leap but sometimes you just have to push yourself.

I suppose the motto of this blog post is take the leap of faith, usually the worst thing that can happen is that something doesn’t work out, but if you never try you’ll never know. Thanks Amanda for the inspiration.

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