Might as well jump!!

Following on from my Marvellous Mayo blog post when I arrived in Belmullet my first challenge was Coasteering with Wavesweeper. To say I was nervous is putting it mildly! Coasteering for those who don’t know is basically jumping off rocks and cliffs into the sea! Now this was one challenge I said I would never do when it was mentioned for my Wild Atlantic Wayfarer project…..

Erris Head

When I arrived in Belmullet to the Broadhaven Bay Hotel, I met up with David who had kindly invited me there and had arranged for me to go coasteering. He introduced me to Mark and Seamie, who were to be my instructors for this adventure and we set off for Erris Head. To be honest it was quite a challenge just getting the wetsuit on…I succeeded in thumping myself in the face….trust me!! I said to the lads I was willing to have a go at coasteering but I really wasn’t sure I’d be able to do it. They assured me there was no pressure and if at any time I’d had enough or didn’t want to try it that was fine with them.

Here we go!

I felt so safe with Mark and Seamie. They explained all about safety and how and when to jump. For me it’s very important to feel safe and at ease with the people I’m out on adventures with, especially one as daunting as this one. Little did I know not only would I like coasteering I’d absolutely love it!! I think it’s safe to say I’m now over my fear of heights and of the sea! I didn’t get bitten by a crab or get eaten by Jaws (so that was a bonus!)


I lost count of how many jumps I did, but I could have stayed there all day. It was quite tough swimming in the sea, I had no idea just how hard that was. Not helped by the fact I was hungry as I’d skipped lunch…my fault. So bless the lads they had me sitting on a rock and fed me sweets.

Smiling underwater

I’m even smiling underwater! I have to say this is the most exciting adventure I’ve had and I loved every minute of it. If I could have gone out again the next day I would have done.

My sincere thanks to David, Mark and Seamie from Wavesweeper for an amazing experience. Not only am I a middle-aged adventurer I think I’m now a bit of an adrenaline junkie! For those of you who want to try this…and I think everyone should you can contact Wavesweeper here or call them on +353 (0)87 2312989 and they are coming to Sligo this week! If I can do it anyone can.

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  1. WOW! Fantastic, Val. And yes – you definitely were smiling underwater. Looks like so much fun. You go, MagnumLady!

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