Cats, Cavities and Christmas

It was a bit of a panic on the run up to Christmas. Poor Lucy had a filling fall out of her tooth so there was a frantic Monday spent phoning around dentists to see if we could get her seen before Christmas. It wouldn’t have been much fun for her with a toothache and most of the dentists are closed until January 2nd.

Anyway we were lucky to get an appointment with Peter Doyle in Sligo and he was excellent. He managed to fill her tooth without giving her an injection so we were able to go to the cinema (and eat popcorn!) We went to see Cats the movie. I’ve never seen the stage show and I’ve read so many bad reviews of the film that I was intrigued to see what it was really like. I enjoyed it, apart from the child stamping up and down in the cinema. There were some fantastic dance routines and it was a couple of hours break from the madness of shopping.

Christmas Day was just lovely. I do get quite stressed cooking the dinner though, well not so much with the cooking but the dishing up – and I managed to cook the turkey with the giblets still in it – it was grand in the end. It was a joy to sit down with a glass of wine though.

I loved sitting around with the family, watching TV and chatting. We tried to do a video to wish everyone Merry Christmas but it didn’t work out quite like and we ended laughing through most of it but I’ll post it anyway.

I hope however you spent your day that you had a lovely time.



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