Ideas, ideas

When I went for my last Reiki treatment with Tanya she picked up that I wanted to write a book. I’ve never told anyone this before so how she picked up on it I’ll never know. There are about 3 book ideas buzzing around in my head but I’ve no idea where to start – apart from the writing – it’s all the other stuff that goes along with it though; proof readers, editors, publishers etc. The ideas are there but parked for the moment

Anyway I went to an event today about Literary Tourism, it’s a new initiative called spot-lit. Whenever I’m in a room full of other people all my ideas come out. Talk about verbal diarrhoea! I really don’t know when to stop. I’d love to see a cheese festival in Sligo because Queen Maeve got killed by a lump of cheese. I’d also love to see something like Yeats on a train, someone dressed as Yeats reciting poetry.

One of my original ideas was to have a little mini bus and bring tourists around to the scenic locations and have someone reciting poetry. I did go to a couple of agencies with this idea years ago and they quickly knocked that idea out of me. I ended up feeling quite dejected to be honest.

I’d also love to see some kind of lit up cycle lane, similar to the Van Gogh Cycle in Eindhoven. It could be depicting the landscape of Sligo or bringing the poems to life. There are many more ideas flying around in my head but at least now a few of them are on the blog so I can rest a bit.

I find whenever I type things out my head quietens down a bit. If you are interested in Literary Tourism you can check out the spot-lit website. It really was an interesting workshop though and great to hear from other people in the room. I’ve spent the afternoon googling Harry Clarke, Lough Derg and Wigtown Book Festival 🙂

Image is of the fantastic Jack B Yeats art work by Michael Wann.


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