The week that was

I’ve had such an amazing week. Probably one of the best I’ve had in a long time. Mid-week was a trip to Dublin and Friday was a trip to Galway, it’s funny how everything happens at the same time but it was all great.

The Dublin trip was meself and himself. We hardly ever go anywhere together so this was very rare. Lucy and Laurence stayed to mind Jono, the dogs and the house and off we went. Driving in Dublin is not for the faint hearted and after ending up on the M50 by mistake we finally got to our hotel.

We stayed at the Camden Court Hotel – lovely place, with a leisure centre too. We had our dinner in Toni’s Chipper – cheap and cheerful, and headed to the National Concert Hall. We went to the Pink Floyd night, it was the RTE National Concert Orchestra with the band Visions of Floyd. They performed Dark Side of the Moon and The Wall. I usually prefer Dark Side of the Moon but this time around I liked The Wall best.The harpist in Is ‘There Anybody Out There’ gave me goosebumps. Hearing the orchestra playing was just something else.

I’d never been to the National Concert Hall before, it’s a beautiful building, although the hall itself was a lot smaller than I expected. It was very handy being in the Camden Court Hotel as it was just a 5 minute walk away.

We didn’t have breakfast at the hotel because it was €16 each but luckily there was a Spar nearby, so after tea and toast we headed off home. I have to say fair play to people of Dublin who drive in that traffic every day, you really need your wits about you with all the cars, bikes and electric scooters, not to mention pedestrians with a death wish.

On Friday it was off to Galway for our early Christmas party with work. I hadn’t been to a Christmas party since 1990 so I was a bit anxious. I shouldn’t have been though, it was an amazing night! I had my first go on the Big Wheel in Galway, my first visit to the Christmas Market there and my first shot! I danced almost all night and just had the best time! I wasn’t even drunk, just happy. It was a really fantastic night and I’m blessed to work with such a brilliant bunch of people.

It was lovely to see the Christmas lights in Galway, only now I feel like it is Christmas. So I’ll have to calm myself down a bit for a few weeks.

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