Paranormal Investigation at King House, Boyle

I know some people don’t believe in the paranormal but I’ve had lots of experiences in the past that cannot be explained. Laurence told me about an event taking place at King House so I went along to take part in the investigation.

Firstly I have to say it was a lovely group of people. They were all so friendly and I felt at ease right away.  We were told it would be nothing like the programmes we may have seen on TV where people are seen screaming and running around in the dark. They were true to their word, there was no screaming – except for when me and another lady went into a room and the motion sensor set the sound effects for the statues off! I tell you I’ve never run as fast in my whole life!

The group explained more about what we were going to do and showed us the equipment we were going to use, which included sound recorders, emf machines, dowsing rods and even Scooby Doo – yes really.

Our first place to visit was the attic. Almost as soon as I got in there I felt a warm pressure on my head, it felt like someone had their hand on me, I also had a pain in the middle of my forehead. The people around me put their hands near my head but all they could feel was cold. This feeling stayed with me for the whole time we were in the room. We sat in a circle with various motion sensor lights and an emf recorder in front of us. One of the ladies got extremely cold hands, in fact her fingers on one hand started to go blue. There were cameras left set up as we left the room to explore other locations in the house.

The next location was the basement which houses the cells, I’ve always felt a bit odd here but it’s a basement so it will be cold. The group of us where here and nothing really happened although a couple of people felt extremely cold. We split into different groups with some of us going to the dining room and the others staying in the cell.

Some of the group in the dining room said they felt pains and unease, I felt quite comfortable here. We were in this room a couple of times and the voice recorders picked up sounds and responses to questions. I did hear some noises but I can’t really explain them. The recorder was played back and hooked up to a computer to slow the noises down and it did sound like someone speaking.

A few of us went back down to the cell and I did hear things also the emf reader flashed a couple of times. Again when the sound recorder was played back we could hear someone speaking – and it wasn’t any of us.

We spent over four hours exploring King House and I really enjoyed it. The group have a lot of footage and sound recordings to go through and will let us know the outcome. I’m looking forward to finding out the results, I do think there was something there.

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