Sheep, Solitude, Sligo

I get itchy feet a lot, as you may have noticed. We live in the shadow of the Ox Mountain range so going right off the beaten track is very easy to do.

Sometimes all I want is to be by myself in the middle of nowhere. When I say by myself I mean me and the sheep!

One of my favourite drives is the Lough Easkey Road. I took the long way home from Beltra Country Market and had a drive listening to the Blinded By The Light movie soundtrack (more about that in another post). Born to Run came on and just as it did about twenty sheep ran down the road ahead of me – if I wasn’t driving I’d have filmed it!

There’s an old hunting lodge where someone has recently painted a sheep onto. I really like it, the perfect location for this beautiful artwork.


I had a little wander around in between showers, just me, the sheep and the wilderness. Among the purple heather and wild bog land, Sligo never disappoints when it comes to landscape.

The light changes, the sky goes from blue to grey, the clouds move. The only sound comes from the river and the wind. Who needs to go to Connemara when I have this on my doorstep?

Onward to Lough Easkey. A wild day on the lake today after the torrential rain of last night. The sheep artist, or perhaps another artist has been busy here too, with a fish overlooking the lake. The sheep seem quite taken with the picnic area and weren’t at all bothered by me being there.

Meeting a few floods on the way home and the occasional car (and chicken) left me in need of a cuppa, so a stop in the Mill Community Cafe was in order. Lovely cake, lovely atmosphere, lovely teapot and even a blog reader – hello Nancy.

What a wonderful way to spend a Saturday morning.


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  1. I believe there’s a story about that hunting lodge. A local notorious landlord would take his hunting buddies up there for much debauchery. This included demanding the deflowering (rape) of the local tenants’ daughters. His memory is still much hated.

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