Imposter Syndrome

Move over mindfulness there’s a new buzz word in town. Just lately I’ve been seeing talk of imposter syndrome all over the place. Andrea Mara, who’s a fantastic writer (check out her books), was on Ireland AM last week talking about it. You can watch back here, if you aren’t in Ireland you might not be able to get it so you can read more on her blog.

So it got me thinking and I confess I have imposter syndrome. It’s basically self-doubt and feeling like a fraud. I sign myself up for things and convince myself I can’t do them. It happens all across my life. I’m waiting for someone to tap me on the shoulder and tell me I’m an eejit and I haven’t a notion.

Sometimes though I actually listen to myself talking and think I’m quite knowledgeable about certain things and then the negative voice starts telling me I haven’t a clue.

Even with photography, I’ve kind of stopped taking photos these days. It wasn’t intentional it’s just stopped. In the past when I’ve taken photos and people say they like them I tend to reply with right time, right place, right light, good camera….the list goes on.

On a friends level if I make arrangements to meet someone and it doesn’t go ahead for whatever reason my negative voice is there telling me no one would want to be friends with me anyway. It’s a nasty little thing but it makes me back off.

I don’t know if I’ve always been like this or if it’s a new thing. I also don’t know how you stop it. Any views? Any thoughts?


3 thoughts on “Imposter Syndrome

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    1. You have to practice saying Thank You, when someone compliments your work, no denigrating, no excuses, no oh posh its nothings, just a smile and a ThankYou.

  1. We are all imposters and fake be yourself? Which self would that be? be thankful you arnt trump or Johnston who never doubt themselves for one minute and unlike us self doubters with zero power will be remembered for all the wrong reasons..

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