Hello insomnia

Yes I’m awake at a stupid hour. Back to this craic again. I did try to go back to sleep and not look at my phone but after 2 hours of nothingness I decided to blog.

It’s two weeks since my mum died. It’s a strange feeling. Part of me feels quite alone in the world now. I know I have my family but I suppose now that the older generation belonging to me are gone it feels different. Am I meant to feel like an adult now?

I’ve been looking up yoga classes. Blimey there are a lot of yoga practitioners in Sligo. I was toying with the idea of trying yoga, it might help my dodgy knee. I feel a bit intimidated though. Every photo I see from local yoga classes all feature thin people in lycra. I’d feel like an elephant joining them. I also have flashbacks to spraining my neck in a plates class… Yes really. So for the moment the thought of yoga is on hold.

I’m also toying with the idea of visiting Tory Island. I really want to see puffins but I might have left it too late for this year and the weather is cat. It’d be nice to have a day in the sun… Or a seaweed bath… Or go dancing. You see my thoughts are all over the place!

4 thoughts on “Hello insomnia

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  1. sitting around at water’s edge watching puffins sounds like a good way to rest. sorry to hear about your loss. it has been about a year since my father passed…i sympathize with you.

  2. Take care Val. Losing a parent whatever the relationship is tough. They say on average the grieving process takes two years when it is not complex grief. Be gentle on yourself.

  3. I felt the same when my parents died within 6 months of one another – like I stepped up to the top rung of the ladder, especially being the oldest of 4 children. Not exactly feeling more “adult”, just feeling more responsible for everyone else. And having thoughts all over the place means that you have so many options. Make a list and just do what you feel like each day, Life offers SO many choices! Re yoga: maybe try chair yoga as an intro? Possibly not so intimidating – lycra not required! 🙂

  4. I still suffer insomnia fragmented sleep Val. I think it’s an age thing doc said its pretty common in 50s along with arthritis and other age related ailments .. I don’t know anyone my age (53) that isn’t wrestling with either a physical or mental ailment some have it worse than others … if anything iv definitely developed more compassion for my fellow men and women making there way along there life journey … ageing ain’t for wimps they say..

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