Relaxation and a reading

It’s been a nice weekend, a bit of everything. I had a psychic reading yesterday because I kept thinking about having one and was intrigued about what, if anything, would come up.

I’m quite skeptical about psychics I have to say. Over the years I’ve had a couple of good readings but I’ve had some atrocious ones too. I’ll never forget the psychic evening I went to where the ‘medium’ asked if Christmas was special to anyone in the room. She also asked if anyone had ever had a baby boy – seriously.

Anyway I went along to Jane O’Hara yesterday, she’s absolutely lovely. I liked her from the start. Now I know I’m an open book on the blog so if she wanted to she could have read loads to tell me but the things she did tell me were things I’ve never written about. She gave me the name of a lady, told me what her interests were and about the person she was married to. There was no way she could have known any of this. She also picked up on something that I’d been chatting to Lucy about the day before, again she couldn’t have known about anything about that. So that was very interesting and I really enjoyed my time with Jane.

For the rest of the weekend I’ve done a bit of exploring of an old castle, been to a poetry book launch with Birdwatch Sligo and I’m back painting again. I’ll tell you more about the castle in another post.

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend.

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  1. I’ve had a psychic reading that was designed to part me from my money (the psychic was intuitive enough to know the exact amount that was coming to me, which I didn’t yet know, myself) and not to help me in any way, but only to help herself. I’ve had a reading where the psychic had good intuition but skewed his interpretation in a negative way it did not have to be seen, and indeed when his prediction came about, the events were hard but not intentionally nasty in the way he’d suggested they would be.

    I’ve given psychic readings so I was aware of what these readers were doing and didn’t fall for it. But it made me angry to think of how many people might take their word as law precisely because they were able to give detailed, true information that would be convincing. These are the people who give the rest of us a bad name. Just because you have strong psychic ability does not mean your aims are high, that is for sure.

    The fact that you liked the person who read for you was telling you something important: that the reader, or the “channel,” has to be someone whose perspective is trustworthy and who is using her abilities to help you, not fleece or scare you or build up her own ego. It makes a huge difference.


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