Get up and Go Entrepreneur Social



Last night I went along to the Get up and Go entrepreneur social, this is a monthly event held in Sligo. If, like me, you aren’t sure what it’s all about it’s for anyone. If you have a business or are thinking of setting up a business, or if you just want to hear some of the speakers, all are very welcome.

Eileen, the mastermind behind Get Up and Go and these events, is a wonderful host. She’s very welcoming and very inspirational. She’s also very encouraging and happy to give advice or help if she can.

The speakers last night were:

Joanne Hession who spoke about LIFT which stands for Leading Ireland’s Future Together. You can read more about that here.

Jillian Godsil spoke about Blockchain technology. Which is very interesting but went a bit over my head.

Celia Keenaghan spoke about Wealth Dynamics. You can find out Your Genius here. I’m a dynamo – great at starting things but not so good at finishing them!

After the main speakers, anyone who wanted to say something could take to the floor. I deliberated and after I’d heard some of the others speak I got up. I explained about Sligo Hub and a bit about the blog. I waffled a bit, I was nervous, but I did it, mainly because most of the group were from other parts of the country and I might never see them again!

Out of all the speakers one thing stood out and it was said a lot. “Don’t wait for permission or help to start something. If you have an idea in your head just go for it.”

Not only is it a night for speakers it’s also a great networking event. I’m shocking at networking to be honest but I tried.

A big well done to Eileen and Brendan, Brendan kept the evening running smoothly but keeping the speakers to time which was wonderful! The next Sligo Entrepreneur Social evening is on May 22nd from 6.30pm – 9pm at the Bistro Bianconi. There’s pizza!




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