A weekend of family and friends

We had a flying visit to the UK this weekend to celebrate Andy’s Dad’s 90th birthday. It was just the two of us as Jono wasn’t fit enough to travel so Lucy looked after him.

Andy really doesn’t like flying so it was quite stressful for him especially as we had to go with Flybe (tiny planes) as they take driving licences as ID (Andy doesn’t have a passport). Even though the plane was small it wasn’t a bad flight at all. We flew from Knock to Birmingham and hired a car to drive to Luton.

It’s years since I’ve driven in the UK and I found it really quite stressful. The car was bigger than my car and the traffic is just something else. Four lanes of a motorway, lorries either side of me, lane closures and double roundabouts with traffic lights. I’m getting palpitations just thinking about it!

Anyway we arrived in Luton and went to see Andy’s brother who isn’t very well at the moment but was in good form. Our oldest friends came to see us where we were staying. We had a really lovely evening with them, it was like the years apart hadn’t made any difference.

We stayed in the Premier Inn near Luton airport, the heating had to be re-programmed so we arrived to a very cold room, we also seemed to have a herd of elephants staying above us. So we didn’t get a lot of sleep, we had booked a second night there but decided with the weather and the noise we’d stay in Birmingham instead.

We had a lovely time with Andy’s dad and family, it was great to see them all again. We also got a brief look around Luton town centre….so many people! It made me realise how lucky I am to live in Ireland.

The night in Birmingham was grand (in the end). It was in a little village called Coleshill – which happened to be party central! So we arrived to the place hopping. The room was nice enough, basic and cheap but….another freezing cold room! We both went to bed fully dressed, Andy went one better and had his coat and scarf on!

Anyway we made it back home and it’s lovely to be back in a warm house! It was nice to get away but even nicer to come home again.

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  1. Isnt it crazy that hotels take your money to provide a poorer service than you have at home. I always feel I should get same or better for my money when Im away.

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