Blooming Queens

Today I went along to Blooming Queens at the IT Sligo. I must say it makes a change for me to be a Blooming Queen instead of blooming knackered! As soon as I walked in there were friendly faces and a lovely, relaxed atmosphere – and there was cake! It’s always a good day when there’s cake!

The speakers were:

TARAGH DONOHOE: Business Owner (Hidden Treasures & The Craft Cabin in Cavan), high level experience in Human Resources Management, Marketing, Communications, Advocacy, Research and former Communications Manager with Multiple Sclerosis Ireland

BRENDA CASSIDY Entrepreneur and founder of he ground-breaking children’s program BRAINCALM (as seen on Ireland AM Jan 2018) Mum of 3, Author, Occupational Therapist, Trainer, Training Program Developer and 2015 Finalist ‘Social Entrepreneurs Ireland’

MIA SERA MAGAN A thriving, successful survivor and single mother when all the odds were stacked against her. Mum of 4, Mind Coach, Therapist, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Entrepreneur, Addictions Councellor and amazing female champion.

LAURA MAGAN Works with Momentum [educate + innovate] as Tourism Representative for Irish European and Domestic Projects. Worked as Commercial & Marketing Manager of Darwin International Airport, Destination Specialist of The Great Barrier Reef. Experience in Sponsorship, Events, Business Development, Consultancy and Lecturing.

All of them were so interesting and inspiring and I really enjoyed this event (except the dancing!) Most of the others enjoyed it but I stood at the back and gently swayed. I also really enjoyed the speed networking, in fact I’d have loved more of this because I feel there were a lot of people in the room who I would have liked to have spoken to. Here are some things I took from the day:

  1. Life isn’t always easy, there are potholes and roundabouts on the road to success.
  2. Ask for help. Don’t be afraid to ask, most people are only too happy to help.
  3. A good planner is better than a good worker.
  4. If you’ve had a business that didn’t work out it’s not a failure it’s an internship.
  5. Do what you love.
  6. You learn something from everything.
  7. Stay away from negative people.
  8. Rest is important.
  9. Networking is key.
  10. Find your mojo when you can’t find your keys.
  11. Be kind to yourself.
  12. Look up when you walk into a room.
  13. People sell – people want to ‘buy into’ personalities.
  14. Passion not perfection.
  15. Be yourself.

It was a great event, I really enjoyed it. I may not have got the answer I was looking for but I did come away inspired. Thank you Laura and everyone involved.

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