Aid the Ocean

There is a new group in Sligo called Aid the Ocean. They are a company dedicated to stopping & reducing the amount of plastic waste going into the ocean & cleaning our beaches, rivers, lakes & oceans.

They held a clean-up of Rosses Point today so I went along to lend a hand. First impressions was how friendly everyone was. I have been to a few events over the years where I’ve felt unwelcome, this was not one of them.

We were given all the equipment we needed and sent in different directions to cover as much as the area as we could. I covered the scenic walk which was fairly clear until I got to one spot where there were around 30 bags of dog poo. Why would you bag your dog’s poo just to chuck in in a hedgerow? Especially when there is a dog bin in Rosses Point. Or just bring it home with you.

37 volunteers turned out today with twelve of them being under 18.  310lbs (140kg) of rubbish was collected including 187 plastic bottles, 54 coffee cups, 170 cans, 106 plastic bags, 43 plastic cups and even a bike!

Aid the Ocean have a lot of clean-ups taking place throughout the county so if you’d like to volunteer you’d be very welcome. You can find them on Facebook.

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