Home again

Bang with a bang after my flying visit to Romania and my sleep pattern is all over the place.

I’m sure it’ll sort itself out at some stage. It’s 24 hours since I got home. I drove from Dublin airport which isn’t a bad drive except for the two tolls. One is an electronic toll, which I thankfully remembered to pay in time, the other you throw money in a basket or pay by card or electronically.

I have to say thank you to Declan who suggested I park in the red carpark at the airport and not at the Clayton Hotel. Good call as the shuttle bus is every five minutes instead of every 25 and when you are tired and want to go home it makes more sense.

I saw some kind of shooting star on the drive home…. although it seemed way to big to be that. It was a large flash drive of white light that whizzed overhead for a few seconds.

It’s not the first time I’ve seen something unusual on the Dublin to Sligo road. Years ago when I was driving the kids to a hospital appointment in Dublin we saw lights hovering above the car. They appeared at Boyle and stayed with us until we almost reached Longford. It couldn’t have been a plane as it was too low but whatever it was I found it reassuring. No photos unfortunately because it was before the days of mobile phones and digital cameras. Boyle is quite well known for UFO sightings so you never know.

In a few hours life gets back to normal, work, shopping etc and not a Dracula in sight. Dracula is to Brasov as Yeats is to Sligo. We don’t have a Yeats inspired drink though…one for the brewers and cocktail makers perhaps.


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