Monday Melancholy

It’s been a busy week and I’m really tired today, probably the reason why I feel a bit out of sorts.

I went to visit a friend last week and she took me to see the most beautiful village; Ardargh in County Longford. I’d seen signs for it on my way to Athlone and it said Goldsmiths Country – so I thought it was to do with jewellery making but I was wrong it’s to do with a man called Oliver Goldsmith. You can read more about the village on Longford Tourism. If you get a chance do pay a visit there, it really is well worth it. For a moment I felt like I was in an English village looking at some of the houses.

I had a lovely visit with my friend and took back some apples that had fallen from her trees, I’ve planted to seeds so I hope they grow. She also gave me a wind chime which I love listening to it’s very peaceful.

On Saturday we had a day trip to Belfast. Jono wanted to go to a model railway exhibition so we went up and took Lucy along for the shopping. It was a lovely day out and a fairly straight run, although quite long. It’s great now with the wheelchair it means Jono can get out and about and although he’s shattered from the long day he really enjoyed it.

We looked around the Kennedy Shopping Centre where there is a great Sainsbury’s. They had a really good selection of things so we got groceries that you can’t get here like Japanese noodles and they had a fantastic vegetarian selection too. We were even home in time for dinner.

I feel like I could sleep for a week though. It does me good to go out and about!


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