The Thigh’s the Limit

Insomnia again but this time caused by pain. I’ve done something to my thigh and now and again it seems to pop out of place. It won’t click back in tonight so every time I move it hurts.

I also managed to get my arm caught by the corner of my car door today and I bruise easily so my arm is out in sympathy with my leg.

It could be worse, Jono managed to stab himself with a knife this evening (railway modelling) and calmly came into the kitchen with a puddle of blood in his hands. It’s at times like that I’m glad I did a first aid course and managed to stop the bleeding and sort him out. For a little while I was thinking a trip to the hospital might be on the agenda but it’s not very deep and luckily it was a new knife. Not like last time when he sawed through his finger with a rusty one!

Never a dull moment. Now if I could just click my leg back in 😉

2 thoughts on “The Thigh’s the Limit

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  1. Part of the ageing process Val, as a post 50 veteran iv developed an icky knee that I never even twisted? a back I did injure 5 years ago but stocically refuses to mend …. such is life ..

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