Wheelchairs and waiting lists

If you read the blog you’ll know about Jono. He has scoliosis and kyphosis (a curved spine). He had a surgery in 2009 which was great for a few years but now seems to be worse than ever. The waiting is something else.

Anyway I’m not going to launch into all that again, this is a kind of positive post. If you live in Sligo or are coming to visit and need a wheelchair there are a couple of short-term options. Wards pharmacy on O’Connell Street will lend you one for the day (If they have one). It’s free, you just need to leave identification with them. This is a great service and we borrowed a wheelchair last week. They are basic though and really only suitable for flat ground as Jono will testify when the wheels got stuck on gravel and he almost ended up in the river!

Homecare on the Pearse Road can hire a wheelchair for a week which is 31.50. The biggest downside is that it’s €50 to get it cleaned after use. So say if you hired it for a week, took a break and hired it for another week you’d be paying 50 each time just for cleaning.

To buy the same wheelchair is €136…but these are really just basic and I’m delighted we got to try one as I’ve realised how unsuitable it would be for where we live.

The folks in both pharmacies were very helpful and Homecare sell all kinds of mobility aids. We’re waiting for an occupational therapist to come and see what, if anything, is available for Jono. He can walk but only very short distances so he loved going around the village in the chair. Lucy and I took it in turns to push him. It was a great way for him to get a bit of fresh air.

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