Anger is an energy

I have a million other things I should be writing about but it’s been one of those days, in fact one of those weeks. You know where you are trying to sort things out and the universe isn’t playing ball? Someone decides to put a spanner in the works or you just seem to be sending emails to yourself because no one responds.

Or you are told you have a new job and are looking forward to starting it because goodness knows you need the money and the rug gets pulled from under you and you end up flat on your face again and quite honestly you feel too old for this kind of shite anyway.

The old me probably would have sulked. The new me is meant to relax but instead I got angry and do you know what I’ve decided it’s not bad to get angry occasionally. It gave me an energy I haven’t had in a long time. I was up at some early hour scrubbing the kitchen and taking out my anger on the stains on the worktop. Andy thought the cleaning fairy had been to visit, I told him it was the anger fairy.

The fairy has left the building for now….

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