Sunday goals

I’m home and delighted to be home. Although I never underestimate the beauty of Ireland it gives me a wake up call to go away and come back again. There really is no place I’d rather be.

I’ve come back with a few goals in no particular order:

  1. Stop eating cake and junk food – for at least a month. I’ve eaten so much rubbish over the last while and I’m starting to get spare tyres on my spare tyres. I’m only short so every extra ounce shows….my age is against me too but sure anyway I’ll try my best to be reunited with my waist line. I think I left what was remaining of it in Poland.
  2. Stop drinking alcohol. I’ve never been a big drinker, I’m still not, but I was in holiday mode and drank more than I ever would. I enjoy the odd tipple but it’s starting to give me shocking heartburn so it’s time to make a change.
  3. Become a tourist in my own country. It’s been a long term dream of mine to explore more of Ireland, I’d love to just hop into a car or camper van and see where the road takes me. Just stopping off at places I find interesting along the way and no plan of where I’m going. At the moment this will be mainly local due to time and an old banger of a car but the dream is there.
  4. Relax more. Take time to sit in the sun (if we ever get any) and just be still and quiet (very hard for me to do).
  5. Read more. Not just at night but other times of the day too.
  6. Limit my time of the computer. I’m a devil for sitting in front of a computer procrastinating. It usually just makes me feel inferior to other people. So that needs to stop.
  7. Paint, draw and explore my creative side now that I’ve discovered it. I’m looking forward to what that brings about. I’m certainly at my most relaxed with a paint brush in my hand.
  8. Stop working for nothing. Sligo Hub, is of course, the exception at the moment but I’m not going to do anything else for nothing. It just digs up negative feelings from me as most of the time I feel undervalued when I do. Not to mention some people (not all but some) do take advantage.
  9. Get more exercise. I need to get out and about more, gammy knee permitting. I just went for a long walk and really enjoyed it when I got the energy to get my backside off the chair.
  10. Remember the important things. I tend to get carried away trying to be all things to all people. I end up feeling like I’m being pulled in all different directions and it makes me feel overwhelmed. It’s learning to say no – again.

So that’s the plan for now anyway. I’ll see how I get on.

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  1. Your right there about the camper .. when you visit other places you pay top money to avoid its dark underbelly.. something not in the blurb
    I rarely go travelling in the north I know the real Ulster not the one in the travel brochure … Eire still has nice places it might not be for long grab before it’s gone ..

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