On solid ground

I’m back from Poland. There was such a lot to take in and process. I’ll write more about it in the coming days.

A couple of big things personally were how lonely I felt. This is the longest I’ve been away on my own and even though it was just for a few days it felt like weeks. I missed sharing my thoughts and feelings. I felt isolated and stuck in my own world. Usually I’m happy going off on my own but I suppose there’s always the family when I get home. I missed our chatty mealtimes, I even missed the noise…never thought I’d hear myself say that.

The other feeling is that I’m now more focused. I’ve realised how lucky I am and it’s almost like getting a second crack of the whip. I want to get back to exploring locally both the landscape and area I live in and also on a personal level. I want to find out more about this artistic side that recently appeared. I’m not quite sure which direction that’s going in but I’m looking forward to finding out.

There’s another thing – I’m looking forward! That’s huge too. Normally when I’m come back from anywhere I’m thinking about the next trip. This time I’m thinking about what’s on my doorstep. So watch this space….

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  1. Good insights there Val, I can tell you were glad to return home. there is no mistaking how the world has changed airport s have because nightmarish with security these days. I visited Birmingham about a year ago an experience not to be repeated and saw the grim result of overcrowding and a ramped up security presence.. I have felt the same in Dublin basically the world is struggling to align itself resources are getting scarce whilst the gap between rich and poor is getting much wider.. after 3 days I was more than thankful lto return home ..

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