Frantic Friday

Yes I’m awake at a daft time again. This time I’m too ‘wired’ to sleep, it was a strange mix of a day; a radio interview in the morning, knocking a toothbrush into the toilet at lunchtime (yes really) and being seconds away from a road traffic accident this afternoon.

We were on our way to the dentist when we came across a fuel truck which had just gone off the road and had landed sideways in a ditch. The driver of the truck and the other lorry both looked shaken and there was a telephone pole and wire in the middle of the road.

I phoned the guards and after what seemed like an eternity, several phone calls back from the guards and me flapping my arms like some kind of mad woman to stop the cars driving into the accident scene, the emergency services arrived.

It was a miracle that the fuel truck driver walked out seemingly uninjured. I felt so sorry for both drivers as they both looked so shocked. I seem to go into autopilot at times like this and just ended up making phone calls and directing traffic, it’s only afterwards that I think about what might have happened if we’d just been that little bit earlier leaving the house….sometimes running late is a good thing.

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  1. Hi I went to your blog cos I saw your post about hemel roundabout and made a comment. Then I saw about your migraines. I was wondering if you ever got your hormone levels checked, because I started getting them when I went into menopause. Also started sleeping badly after being a really good sleeper. I do yoga nidra tapes for that now, sends me right off

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