Things I like…

A few things that I like at the moment, not a sponsored post – I just really like these things and thought you might too šŸ™‚

Rice Krispie Fudge Squares from Whiteside’s SuperValu, Ballisodare, Sligo. I just tried a sample of these today and had to buy some because they were delicious. Think of a rice krispie cake combined with millionaires shortbread and coffee….yum!

Kenco coffee. I’m a bit of a coffee snob on the quiet. If I have coffee it has to taste like coffee and not cigarette ash or gravy. Kenco win my invisible award for the best instant coffee. I love their Millicano and also their Cappuccino.

Wallis style advisor. An inspired idea – it takes a little while to tell it about your body shape and size but when you do it comes up with different ideas for clothes that will suit you and all from the comfort of your couch. I actually would wear almost all of the things that were suggested.

Old books. I picked up a couple this week at Beltra Country Market, they have a book swap where you bring books you don’t want any more and pick new ones. I don’t know the date these were printed but I love the scribbles in them and the feel of the pages.

Well I like books in general actually. I love book shops, the smell of them, the feel of them, the excitement of opening the cover and discovering what’s in them. This is my new book. I saw this on the Liber Book Shop Instagram account and I loved the colour of it…and of course the subject so I had to go in and get it.

It’s the little things šŸ™‚

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  1. Ha, ha, Iā€™m with you with your coffee descrption, quotes I have often made about coffee, cigar ash or gravy šŸ™‚

    I love the yellow book. Two of my closet wishes is to have a car that colour … and a suit that colour. It is my favourite colour.

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