A change of direction for the blog

For the last six months or so I’ve been toying with ideas of how to progress the blog. It seemed a bit strange for it to go from mental health posts one minute to press releases the next.

Regular readers may have noticed a change in direction recently. There are a lot more meaningful posts and less of the touristy ones. Before you all worry that the Sligo posts will stop – they won’t but they’ll be over on a new website: Sligo Hub. I answer questions about Sligo regularly behind the scenes so it made more sense to start a new website.

Sligo Hub is a joint collaboration between me and web designer Kate McCarthy from Refreshing.ie she’s brilliant to work with and it’s fantastic to have another person to bounce ideas off. Since we quietly started the website we have had over 2000 visits which is amazing because it wasn’t properly launched. The Facebook page has over 5000 likes and Twitter over 1000. We’ve just recently joined Instagram too.

It’s all voluntary at the moment and it’s very much a work in progress. It’s going to feature ideas for both tourists and locals. It’s also going to feature clubs and societies, parenting groups and support groups. I’d love it to be the ‘hub’ of the community. We are delighted that we have three sponsors already and our sincere thanks to go Osta Cafe and Wine Bar, Cawley’s Guesthouse and The Cat and the Moon for supporting us so early in our journey. Their support has paid for the website. We have lots of ideas for the site and if anyone else would like to become a sponsor we’d love to hear from you: val@sligohub.com or kate@sligohub.com



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  1. Wise, natural, organic change. Well done on the Sligo Hub interest. Also good to have two of you work on that. Personal blog and local interest blog. Very nice. blog,

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