Colcannon Potato Cakes

Given the day that’s in it I thought I’d better make something Irish. This is a really quick and easy recipe and tasted fab too so here you go:

500g baby potatoes

50g Chopped Green cabbage

Half a red onion – chopped

50g butter

Salt to taste

Mature cheddar cheese (optional)

Firstly boil the potatoes, I didn’t peel them but you can if you prefer. When they are cooked add the cabbage and cook until soft.

Drain well and mash the mixture with the butter. Add the red onion (and cheese if you are using it) and mix well.

Fry in melted butter until brown. These are great served with a fry or just on their own.

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  1. I wanted to do something especially Irish yesterday, seeing as I recently discovered a great-great-great grandmother born in Ireland. I put on a green necklace and drank a beer (not green, but don’t the Irish love beer? just like us Canadians) but that was all I could think of. Now I know what to do next year! I’ll try your recipe this week and see how it goes. Can’t go wrong with potatoes, especially fried. -Kate

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