International Women’s Day 2018

Today was International Women’s Day and I went along to an event in The Glasshouse Hotel in aid of the Friends of Sligo University Hospital.

There were lots of great speakers during the day and it was lovely to mix with some of the other ladies. Firstly I was very inspired by Fiona Candon. I’ve seen Fiona over the years at various events, she’s an excellent speaker and really knows her stuff. As well as running her own business she is now the president of the Sligo Chamber of Commerce – no better person for the job. I really like her way of thinking and I totally agree that Sligo has so much to offer and that everyone needs to work as a positive team. Her message “Think big, be brave, think positive” will stay with me.

Bernie Butler of Good4U Nutrition was another inspiring lady. She told us about how her business failed and how she picked up the pieces and started again. What a fantastic outlook to have. Bernie’s message “If you believe in something don’t give up” is something that has inspired me too.

It strange because I’m in the process of starting up the Sligo Hub website at the moment along with another lady. I’ve chatted it over with a few people and it’s easy to listen to the negativity but I do really believe in this and I won’t give up – the Facebook page has been going for a good few years now and has over 5000 likes. After listening to all the speakers this afternoon I’m going to keep going and maybe one day I’ll be thought of as an inspirational woman and might even be up there talking at an event one day.

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